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For Anthology Editors

Incredible tools for helping you put together your anthology or collection of written works. Create a free anthology project, add team members to the project to help you with the slush pile of submissions, and then focus on the list of the best submissions based on team votes.

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For Authors

Submit your stories to anthology editors and track the status of submissions. No more wondering if your submission was received or not. No more fear of losing important communications with editors in your email inbox.

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Open Beta Testing

During our Open Beta Testing Phase, the Anthology Gateway is fully usable for your live anthology project. We just want to polish up some things and add a few more features before we go with a live launch.

Project Roadmap

  • Message system rework and built in forums
  • Upload Manuscript Edits (from author and editor)
  • Project / Author Contracts
  • PayPal integration
  • Launch 1.0 live version! (No more beta)
  • Scan submissions for language and formatting issues