Release Notes

Version 0.6

Date: 2018-01-14
  • [FIX] Mobile Friendly Pages - We realized that many of you are actually using mobile phones to browse this site. In 2018, who whould have thought? So we made several of the primarily used pages mobile friendly.
  • [FIX] Updated 404 Text - The text on the 404 page sounded weird, so we changed it. The dinsoaurs are still lose, however, so beware if you decide to browse that part of the site.
  • [FIX] Fixed Some Headers - Nothing says "you copy and pasted this" like having multiple pages with the same page header. What page are you on? The User Manager page! You only think you are editing that project, no, stop it! It's all User Manager! That's all that exists! (uh hem, sorry about that)
  • [FIX] Registration page now has link to Terms of Service - Do you know how long it took you guys to notice that the terms of service was not a clickable link when registering? Mere seconds! Seriously, so many people caught this bug. Well fear not, the registration page now has a link to the TOS.
  • [FIX] Password Requirements on Registration/Password Change - We had a secret little fun game hidden in the site. When you registered you had to give a password, but we didn't tell you how long it had to be, but if you got it wrong you had to retry again and again. Oh boy, did we fool you! That was a fun game... But in the interest of transparancy and user friendliness we decided to go ahead and tell you how long it should be. Consider it a cheater's guide.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Moved Featured Projects - On the home page we moved Featured Projects up so it's the first thing you see when you come to the site. That's what you're here for, to see anthology projects, right? Who cares about the about us info.
  • [NEW] Author Bio saves to profile - You no longer have to retype your entire author bio for every project you submit to. It now saves to your profile (if you want it to).
  • [NEW] Added announcement system - We need a way to let users know of major announcements, so we created a new Twitter Account (@AnthologyGatewy) and added an announcement system to the website.
  • Plus additional minor bug fixes.

Version 0.5.0

Date: 2017-12-10
  • Initial Open Beta Release