Open Beta Testing

  • During open beta, all projects will be able to use Anthology Gateway for free.
  • Yes it's safe to use for your live projects. No data wipes will occor; things are backed up.
  • Open beta will end ~summer 2018.

Anthology Gateway is ready for use for your live anthology project, so you can use it with confidence. All projects will be backed up nightly, and all uploaded submissions will be kept securely on our third-party storage host (Amazon) to ensure that no data is lost. We fully believe that the core use of this site is ready.

However, while the core is ready for prime use, we feel that certain necessary features are still missing, and a couple of the features that are here are not quite as well polished as the should be. While this does not interfere with the core functionality of the site, that of hosting anthology projects and accepting submissions, we don't feel comfortable charging for the services offered as they stand right now.

Which gives us two options. We can either sit on the website, continuously working on it in the background for several more months, or we can open it up for beta use, which is what we have done. This way we can allow the community to use this awesome software that we have created, while getting lots of test feedback from those using the site for real life projects (instead of just the test data and a handful of users that have been gracious enough to help us so far).

We do plan to launch the live (non-beta) site in the summer of 2018 (don't worry, no data will be lost in that upgrade), at which point any future projects will move to the standard model of free and Pro projects.

Free projects will be for allowing users to get a feel for how the software works and to make sure they want to use it, while pro projects will be the normal. Free projects will be limited to 10 submissions to their anthology, and a 30 day submission period. Other than this there will be no limitations. Free projects will have access to every other feature on Anthology Gateway. (This is subject to change, but we believe in free trials giving as much access for testing the software as possible)

Pro Projects will cost only $25 per project, and will allow for unlimited submissions. The only limitation will be a 120 day submission period.

We thank you for being willing to give Anthology Gateway a try and hope that we can meet your anthology building needs!

Jon Zenor
Anthology Gateway chief programmer and The Midnight Writers LLC. CEO

Project Features


30 day Submission Period
10 Story Submissions
UNLIMITED Team Members
Team Voting
Pre-Scan Submissions (Coming Soon)


120 day Submission Period
UNLIMITED Story Submissions
UNLIMITED Team Members
Team Voting
Pre-Scan Submissions (Coming Soon)