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Deadline extension for COSine

Due to the interest we have had in this anthology while at the COSine convention in Colorado Springs we are extending the deadline by just a few weeks, to Sunday March 3rd, to give these new authors time to write their story. We look forward to the incredible submissions that we will receive.

Author: J.L. Zenor • Posted: 1/19/2019

Alpaca-Lypse back on track!

Sorry for the delays, everyone. We tried to juggle two projects at once and things didn't turn out as planned. We have opened up the submissions for Alpaca-Lypse for a second round. For those who submitted during the first round, do not worry, you will not be competing against the second round submissions. Final decisions on those story submissions will be made this week.

Author: J.L. Zenor • Posted: 10/24/2018 • Archived