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Contracts are out!

We got everything done with the website! Now contracts have been sent out, and edits will be uploaded really soon. We're almost done!

Author: J.L. Zenor • Posted: 7/27/2019

Final Decisions

We will be making the final decision on what stories have been accepted/rejected over the next week. This is 2 weeks behind schedule and I am sorry for that, but we are working on it.

Author: J.L. Zenor • Posted: 4/12/2019 • Archived

Deadline extension for COSine

Due to the interest we have had in this anthology while at the COSine convention in Colorado Springs we are extending the deadline by just a few weeks, to Sunday March 3rd, to give these new authors time to write their story. We look forward to the incredible submissions that we will receive.

Author: J.L. Zenor • Posted: 1/19/2019 • Archived